Want more coffee but don’t want to feel more jittery?

So calm and relaxed with all that coffee! They must be drinking decaf.

Maybe jittery is not your body’s reaction to excessive caffeine. Maybe you get the sweats, or you grind your teeth, or heart palpitations or maybe you just get blinding headaches.

Whether you have an adverse reaction to excessive caffeine or maybe the doctor is telling you that you need to cut back. Whatever the case, there is another option – Decaf.

Now, I know what you are thinking, decaf sucks. If you are old enough, you might remember instant Sanka (which comes from Sans Cafeine in French, or ‘without caffeine’) that many households kept in their cupboard for that late-night cup of flavorless brown water. Once people starting caring about how decaf tastes, things changed.

The number one item that can affect the taste of a cup of decaf is making sure that you start with a really tasty coffee. Decaf does not come off of the bush that way, it is a process that removes the caffeine and so starting with the same product as our regular coffee is important.

Our coffee goes through the Swiss Water Process to remove the caffeine and so the difference between our regular coffee and our decaf coffee is minimal. That is why our decaf tastes so good.

So, if you are feeling like another Cortado, but aren’t sure if two more ounces of espresso is such a good idea, worry no more! Come on by and grab a decaf.

Would you like a Golden Milk but prefer the coffee to counter the sweetness? A decaf might hit the spot.

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